Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Potty training

SOOO not fun!! Chevy has not one interest in going on the potty any more. We were doing good for a few weeks then everything went down hill. My mom gave me a potty training book "potty training without tears" *"not to force your child to something their not ready for". He will be 3 this December and he seems to be some what of a late bloomer in potty training. Even though he is extremely smart in many if not all other aspects this is one thing he does not want to conquer.Besides his not wanting to potty he has learned many new things. He can count to 10 and knows squares, stars, circles and hearts. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some days are harder then others.

I have the most amazing 2 year old son. He is with out a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me. Many people have told me that it takes a village to raise your children, but i have come to find it only take the love of the parents. Yea days are harder then other but every day is worth the smile on our kids faces. My life is very far from perfect i dont by any means pretend that it is. Even though nothing is free in life ( drama or money wise) i wouldnt want it any other way. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

My life is more complicated then most....

But 99% of that is my fault.. I wont go in to the gory details but I'm sure your life is nothing like mine.. I made a blog page so i can keep tract of my thoughts and to update family and friends about my son(s) and my life. Sometimes i wonder if my life is ever going to slow down .. Then i turn to my fiance and laugh and tell him once we are all done with court and buying a house/property (one day) I'm gonna need to start watching soap operas to get my weekly dose of  "drama"..

To the people who don't known me here is a little bit about me. I am a young mother to 3 wonderful boys.. Only one is from me and my fiance. My other two boys both have blessed me with letting me be their step mother. One day i do plan on being a foster mother. I want to make an impact on kids of all ages,  who never stood a chance not because of all decisions they made but the ones they had no control over. I am not religious but that does not mean i do not be leave in god. It is something that i can not prove to my self if he is and real or not. Please don't argue to me about him .. and i wont do the same to you every one has their own opinion . I want the best for my kids and give them every opportunity that life may have in store for them

*high school graduate 
*got pregnant my first semester of collage with my Chevy ray
* my world revolves around Chevy, Chopper, Gaige and Willy.
*One day I'm gonna make a difference in kids lives
*i wont judge if you wont

* ill give any once a chance but you can  easily lose it

i am so luck to have three amazing childern in my life.

I have my amazing son Chevy ray he is 2 years old.. I am also extremely lucky to have step son who is 6 years old Chopper.. I also will be extremely lucky to meet me youngest step son Gaige 9 months old.. my life has many ups and downs but nothing in this world would make my life more complete.