Friday, May 6, 2011

My life is more complicated then most....

But 99% of that is my fault.. I wont go in to the gory details but I'm sure your life is nothing like mine.. I made a blog page so i can keep tract of my thoughts and to update family and friends about my son(s) and my life. Sometimes i wonder if my life is ever going to slow down .. Then i turn to my fiance and laugh and tell him once we are all done with court and buying a house/property (one day) I'm gonna need to start watching soap operas to get my weekly dose of  "drama"..

To the people who don't known me here is a little bit about me. I am a young mother to 3 wonderful boys.. Only one is from me and my fiance. My other two boys both have blessed me with letting me be their step mother. One day i do plan on being a foster mother. I want to make an impact on kids of all ages,  who never stood a chance not because of all decisions they made but the ones they had no control over. I am not religious but that does not mean i do not be leave in god. It is something that i can not prove to my self if he is and real or not. Please don't argue to me about him .. and i wont do the same to you every one has their own opinion . I want the best for my kids and give them every opportunity that life may have in store for them

*high school graduate 
*got pregnant my first semester of collage with my Chevy ray
* my world revolves around Chevy, Chopper, Gaige and Willy.
*One day I'm gonna make a difference in kids lives
*i wont judge if you wont

* ill give any once a chance but you can  easily lose it


  1. Ah I totally <3 you!! Best sis in law on the PLANET!!! xoxo

  2. awww i <3 you!!! and i would have to say you are the best sister in law any one could ask for =)